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Portal Support Line and eMail: Coming Soon!

Please call the office for portal help.  More features coming soon. 

What if I need an appointment right away?

The Health Center keeps several openings every day for urgent needs. Call the evening before and leave a message or call early in the morning for availability.  

What if I cannot make a scheduled appointment?

The Health Center requires two hours prior notice to cancel. If a patient fails to show for an appointment twice in a six month period, they will only given an appointment the same day they call. Failing to show for three appointments with a six month period will result in being discharged from the practice.  

My primary care provider is at Elizabethtown Health Center, but can I go to Westport Health Center or High Peaks Health Center since it is part of the same hospital?

Patients are asked to establish with only one health center in the interest of continuity of care and patient safety. Health Center staff may however offer you an appointment at another of our facilities under certain circumstances such as sick visits or no physician at your health center.  

I had laboratory testing/radiology exams done. When can I get my results?

Although many laboratory and radiology test results are reported quickly, the results must still be forwarded to your provider for review. Staff will notify you of your results as soon as your provider has given them instructions to do so. If you do not hear from us in one week, please call the office.  

What if I am not home to receive my results? Can you tell my family member?

If you wish us to leave a message with a family member or friend regarding test results, appointments, etc., you may sign a release to be kept in your chart designating the individual(s).  

How can I obtain copies of my records?

Records may be requested via an approved HIPAA release form. All record requests will be filled within 10-14 working days after receipt of payment. There is a charge of $.75 per page for all records.  

Will I be charged for copies of my records if I am transferring care to another physician?

No. We will send the last full year of records free of charge to your new physician, but only for the first request. If you transfer to yet another physician, there will be a charge for all records.  

How do I cancel my portal account?

You may call the office to cancel your portal account.  

Have a question?

If you have a question or concern, please contact Jeanne Hummel, Health Centers Manager at 873-6896 or jhummel@ech.org  

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Web Browser: Internet Explorer 9 and above; Firefox/Safari/Chrome: current at release

This portal is not compatible with Internet Explorer version 8 or lower.

  Call your Doctor’s office for:
  • Questions regarding lab results
  • Communication/messaging issues
  • Medical questions
  • Questions understanding data in your chart