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Elizabethtown Community Hospital offers five Health Center locations.  Each location provides:
  • Health Care for all ages
  • Diagnosis and management of routine health problems (high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc.)
  • Health maintenance and screenings including routine exams, pap smears, school/camp/work physicals
  • Urgent care for injuries and illnesses
  • A working relationship with a variety of physicians who provide specialty care
Hours:  Mon-Fri 8-4:30
Our goal is to offer urgent appointments within 24 hours for established patients.
After hours emergency care department at Elizabethtown Community Hospital: 518.873.6377
Call 911 if you are having an emergency

Elizabethtown Community Health Center

66 Park Street, Elizabethtown, NY
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Providers & Staff:

   Dr. Rob L. DeMuro, Medical Director
   Michael J. Celotti, DO
   Mary Halloran, MD
   Vanessa Desmarais, MD               
   Mary Buehler Brandt, RPA-C
   Matthew Treadway, LPN 
   Marissa Laing, LPN
   Tracie Gay, LPN
   Maggie Alexander, Medical Assistant
   Jeanne Hummel, Health Centers Manager
   Jennifer Kohler, Clerk 
   Elizabeth Russell, Clerk
   Jordan Dumas, Receptionist

Westport Health Center

6097 NYS Route 9N, Westport, NY
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Providers & Staff:
   Julie Anderson, RPA-C
   Pasqualino Caputo, MD
   Bonnie Cutting, LPN
   Lori Cowin, LPN
   Jennifer O'Banion, Health Centers Assistant Manager 
   Heather Beaton, Clerk
   Beverly Lewis, Clerk

High Peaks Health Center

7 Community Circle
Wilmington, NY
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Providers & Staff:

   Dr. Vanessa Desmarais, Medical Director
   Courtney Marcotte, PA                
   Tammy Devlin, LPN
   Alishia Davis, Receptionist

Smith House Health Center
39 Farrell Road
Willsboro, NY 12996
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Providers & Staff:

   Dr. Mary Halloran, Medical Director
   Rob DeMuro, MD 
   Carly Sleeper, PA
   Kami Benway, LPN
   Renee Cumm, Medical Assistant                  
   Ali Strong, Care Coordinator
   Erika Merrill, Clinic Coordinator
   Bridget Belzile, Clerk
   Dianne Hathaway, Referral Coordinator
   Lori Provost, Referral Coordinator
   Nancy Johnston, Referral Coordinator

Au Sable Forks Health Center


15 Pleasant Street
Au Sable Forks, NY 12912
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Providers & Staff:
   Dr. Laurel Rosenthal, Medical Director 
   Matthew Farnsworth, PA
   Laura Lawrence, LPN
   Carlee Thwaits, Med Tech
   Judith Hart, Clinic Coordinator
   Gabrielle Lafave, Clerk 
   Jacklyn Fung, RN (Medical Home Case Manager)
Crown Point Health Center


2679 Main Street
PO Box 250
Crown Point, NY 12928
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Providers & Staff:
   Dr. Mary Halloran, Medical Director   
   Tricia Miller, PA
   Cody Whitney, PA
   Naomi Tuthill, LPN
   Whitney Bartlett, LPN
   Kim Morgan, Clinic Coordinator
   Stephanie Popp, Clerk